The shocking rescue of a dog who was raising her baby in a garbage bin (Video of the day)

Abandoned by her master, she s' is found left to herself, pregnant. Martyred then by the neighborhood, she ended up being saved recently by the association Hope for Paws...

One day, her human decided to pack up. And it is without turning around that he left without her, his faithful little dog. Delivered to herself, she then wandered around her familiar neighborhood to try to support herself but not sterilized, she ended up getting pregnant and giving birth in extreme conditions, reported The Dodo . A generous soul - touched - made him a makeshift shelter thanks to a trash can but soon, cruelty has caught up with .

Indeed, some children from the neighborhood have not hesitated to to steal what had been most important to her since the beginning of her sad life: many of her puppies. She then gave everything to protect him, explained the Hope for Paws volunteers who helped them.

Craintive, she finally gained confidence in this extended hand. And today, Zoe and her little Meadow are out of danger. In excellent health, they are now pampered by the association which seeks them the perfect loving home.

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