The ugliest dog in the world has died

Aged 17, the ugliest dog in the world died this week in his home in Tennessee, southern USA

This bitch named Miss Ellie won the title of "ugliest dog in the world" in 2009. Raised at the age of 7 by her mistress, Chinese Crested Dog has been blind for several years.

Following this contest, Miss Ellie has starred TV shows and popular shows in the United States, with one goal: to educate people about the fate of the abandoned animals More than $ 100,000 (about 82,000 €) was raised thanks to her Miss Ellie also visited students in schools to make children more responsible in the maintenance of a pet.

His owner said: " Miss Ellie touched tellem We thank all those who supported us. Even if we suffer a great deal from his disappearance, we will continue to fight for animal rights.

No matter the very unflattering title that Miss Ellie was labeled: this week, the pain created by the loss of a pet is always the same, whatever the dog it is. Faced with this stupid and wicked contest, Miss Ellie and her mistress had managed to remain dignified and use their popularity with intelligence to raise funds for the construction of animal shelters.