Dog truffles could detect prostate cancer

After rescue dogs at sea, guide dogs for the blind, or even therapy dogs, here are the doctors dogs!

The complexity the dog's olfactory system remains "much better than any machine" said Brian Stork, an urologist in Michigan. And for good reason, our hair friends could detect cancer, especially that of the prostate.

If a few years ago, we discovered that these four-legged animals can feel the disease, a recent study has once again proved the facts.

The NHS, a British health service, has used the "Medical Detection Dog" to carry out several clinical tests.

These dogs specially trained for detection cancer of the prostate in the urine samples have proven to be very effective...

Thanks to their 200 million olfactory cells, dogs can feel the volatile compounds released by cancer cells, especially those present in the body. 'urine. According to the study, out of 100 patients with prostate cancer, 93 were detected by the truffle of these dogs!

One more proof that dogs are more than our best friends...