The trial of the canine educator who abused a dog is postponed in June

Last July, the video of a Dog trainer in Pas-de-Calais was bad buzzing: he was seen violently attacking an animal. Judged in Saint-Omer correctional court Tuesday, he saw his hearing be sent back to June 13.

Pascal Lecourt is currently being prosecuted "for mistreatment of an animal, aggravated by his quality of operator of a welcoming establishment animals, "reports The Voice of the North . The reason ? A video that went viral on social media in which he appeared violently swinging an 8-month-old German Shepherd on the ground in a contest in April.


Dog Club Closure

And since the revelations provided by this video, everything has gone from bad to worse for the dog trainer. Lynché on social networks then released by the mayor of his town, he saw his canine club close its doors during the investigation. However, at the moment and despite the trial, he still refuses to plead guilty . He states that he "was well in his role of trainer."

"This dog has already wanted to bite, he [the former owner of the dog, ed] told me that if I did not intervene he would euthanize it . Moreover, since then, he has sold his dog, "testified the trainer in court. "As a breeder, I could not keep it, it would have been a definite economic loss. I found her a family where she keeps a lot. She suffers from hip dysplasia and is no longer good for breeding, "confirmed Kevin Sokowski, the former owner of the animal, at the hearing.

Ill-treatment or not: an expert must decide

Swing a "dog bite" against the ground, a usual act of training or a malicious act? This is the question the court must now answer. For this reason, an expert has been appointed to shed light on this case. An initiative welcomed by the civil parties who strongly condemn what has happened but also by defending the mis en cause: "This is a very subjective subject . When you see the video, the gesture may surprise, but you have to take a step back, "said master Fabienne Roy-Nansion. The hearing has been postponed to June 13.

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