Transition Phase of the

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First step Between 12 and 20 days , during a phase called " transition phase

", puppies "awaken" dramatically and begin to emerge of their wadded world: around the age of 12 days they open their eyes (even if at first they only see shadows) and around 15 days, their ear canal opens, so that the sounds begin to arrive at their ears. One immediately notices the moment when the auditory canals open because the sounds awaken the curiosity of the puppies

: they give for example signs of attention when one strikes in hands (which previously did not cause any reaction). On the other hand, if we produce a loud impromptu sound, the puppies show no sign of fear. That does not mean that they do not hear very well yet, but simply that they have not yet "discovered fear" . On the other hand, it is time to activate their "curiosity function": they start sniffing

everything in the box and watching (or at least trying to look at) everything in between in their field of vision

Second stage Around 25th day

of their life, the puppies decide that it is time to get a closer look at all these new things in their advancing towards them: they therefore try to raise their paws. The first attempts inevitably result in "slips" of their head towards the ground, this one being rather heavy compared to their body; Puppies do not yet know to balance their center of gravity so as not to collapse on their feet, but they learn quickly. In a few days, we'll even see them try to gallop