The touching story of Budd, a cat almost like the others (Video of the day)

Budd is the name of a kitten not quite like the others, but who seems totally unaware that he is not like the others . This hairball was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, a disease that prevents the proper development of motor skills and certain cognitive functions.

But Budd was lucky to be collected by an association, Cat Depot , then to be cared for by a wonderful foster family. In the hands of his benefactors, Jill, Kay and Jill, he learned to stand on his feet, to eat, to do his needs in a litter, then to move with the help of the support apparatus they built for adjusted and adjusted as the weeks go by.

Today Budd continues to grow every day . It is constantly gaining mobility and autonomy. And it is with his host family, become his family for life, that he will continue to grow.

A beautiful story, full of love and hope, to discover in this very touching video:

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