The touching reunion of a stolen dog and his master (Video of the day)

It's been seven months since Michael had seen his dog Jasper. But on March 12, the one-year-old Whippet was found wandering in the street and assigned to a veterinary clinic in Essex, England.

That's the way electronic animal could be scanned and its owner identified. Clinic staff found that the dog was reported stolen in September 2014.

The Whippet was allegedly sold to a woman, Wendy Jones, who kept it with her for the past three months and took care of him . It looks like the dog is running away.

"Honestly, we thought we would never see Jasper again and we could not thank Wendy and the Heath Vets clinic enough, we thought it was stolen but we did not had no proof, now we know the truth "says Michael.

" An incredible story that shows the importance of microchip "highlights the clinic on Youtube. And a very touching reunion that was filmed:

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