The touching reunion between this dog and his master that he no longer recognizes

After 5 long weeks of separation, Shane Godfrey and Willie were are finally gathered again. But it took a few seconds for the dog to understand that it was his friend as he had changed.

Two months ago, Shane Godfrey, an American living in Sanford, North Carolina, contracted the flu . But the virus caused very serious complications and he had to be hospitalized 5 weeks . 5 weeks during which he was unable to see his faithful companion, Willie, confided to relatives, and during which he lost more than 20 kilograms because of the disease. At the end of March, he was finally able to leave the hospital but before returning home, he returned to his parents' home to continue his convalescence, but also find his dog who was waiting patiently.

Unrecognizable, he becomes a stranger

The reunion was organized in the home garden, however, when Willie approached his master, he was scared. He answered his call, recognizing his voice, but this emaciated man did not look like his human. The dog barked several times out of suspicion , then, encouraged by the one who took care of him during Shane's absence, he came to sniff it, head down. When he finally recognized the smell of his master, the dog had difficulty in containing his joy and excitement, covering the American with kisses before going to get a toy so that Shane has fun with him as before . A few seconds of pure happiness that made a little tear to more than one user.

Shane Godfrey

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