The top 3 anti-stress dog collars

As for men, the stress of the dog is a difficult problem to tame. To soothe these anxieties, there are various solutions, including anti-stress collars for dogs, which contain pheromones, a molecule produced at the base by the bitch to calm her puppies. Here is a selection of three products, more than useful if doggy nerves are alive.

1. The anti-stress collar for young and old

The necklace D.A.P / Ceva diffuses "soothing" which calm the dog in case of stress. This one is very practical in puppies, by definition quite timid. The necklace will allow them to adapt better to any new situation. This anti-stress collar is available in two sizes: 35 cm (29,50 €) and 65 cm (33,10 €). Because the big dogs too can have the chocottes!

2. Trouble-free outing

Some dogs are on the verge of "agoraphobia". For them, the walks can sometimes become distressing. Comfortable at home, they feel lost in an unknown outdoor environment. The D.A.P brand offers the soothing pheromone necklace specially designed for outdoors (€ 25.90 or € 29.90). With this necklace, Medor will feel just as well inside as out!

3. The tranquility of the master too...

The soothing necklace Beaphar is effective for a month. It acts against multiple causes of stress for dogs: travel, fireworks, thunderstorms, visits to the veterinarian, separation... It reduces the dog's excessive barking, unusual urine markings and the destructive behavior that he may have in case of stress. For 19,84 €, the owners of stressed dogs will have a little respite!

So, anti-stress necklaces, practical if it existed for men, too?