The story of this dog had moved you, wait to see its transformation

Abandoned in a flat in Moselle like a piece of furniture last October, Eliot the labrador has gone to a hair of death. Saved in extremis by the SPA, he is now much better.

His story touched you a lot. And for good reason, a few months ago, this dog had been left alone, delivered to himself in a flat of Moselle deserted by the master of the place. Without water or food, it was a gaunt Labrador who had been found dying on the spot by volunteers from the Forbach SPA.

But rest assured, these days are no longer in danger! Indeed, the association that collected it sent us, yesterday, news of the beautiful Eliot and it is much better as you can see on the video below:

Thanks to dedication without fault of the animal lovers but also, with the love of his new family, Eliot took back the hair of the beast

Passed from 17 kilos of bones to 40 kilos of hope and happiness , it breathes today the joy of living. It is therefore a very happy ending that makes an extremely positive end point " on the ordeal endured by the Labrador.

Your loulous have lived a similar story? Do not hesitate to send us a comment on our page Facebook by also posting photos before / after!