The story of Lazarus, a feline with a deformed mouth that has become a cat of therapy

Lazarus is a cat with a very particular physique . Born with a malformed mouth, he was found wandering in the street by students in the United States when he was only 10 weeks old.

Not knowing what to do with the animal, teenagers have brought to their teacher, Cindy Chambers, whose specialty is helping people with disabilities ... And who also does not hesitate to help the animals who need it.

Generosity without limit

Cindy Chambers, with a very generous heart, had at her home . But she could not resist Lazarus' soft gaze and decided to help him. His mouth was really in a bad state and he needed veterinary care , but especially to love and take care of him despite his peculiarity.

With his missing truffle and his lower canines pointing forward, Lazarus looks a bit like a Bulldog . This deformity, called labio-palatal cleft (or cleft lip), is very rare in cats. And in Lazarus, it had resulted in infections , for lack of care, during the time he had spent in the streets. But despite his young age, the gray feline was a fighter and not only had he managed to survive alone until then, but he also quickly got back on his feet once in good hands!

A vocation of Therapist Cat

More than a year after Cindy Chambers took the young gray cat with its deformed mouth under his wing, Lazarus became a very successful cat. He still has a strange head , but he is not suffering any more and is in good health.

Moreover, Cindy Chambers and Lazarus go from school to school today for teach children respect for people (and animals) with disabilities , and how to take care of them. The peculiarity of Lazarus often leads to strong reactions, including disgust, but this adorable ball of hair quickly knows to forget his funny mouth , and children quickly understand that it is not necessary stop on appearances.