The Star Wars saga with kittens (Video of the day)

The timeless, unbeatable saga Star Wars never ceases to be copied, diverted, parodied

But have you ever seen interpreted by kittens ?

Yet, under their innocent look of cute kitten, the 2 felines turn out to be fearsome Jedi who use lightsaber as a person.

In a second video, revenge is played even on ships; yes, the kitten against attack .

But before becoming Jedi, these kittens did not have an easy life. They were both rescued from the pound where they were about to die from an eye infection after premature birth .

You can see that they are wear much better! We are even sure that they will become as wise as Master Yoda .

Is the lightsaber more dangerous than sharp claws?

When attacking the kitten, the kitten counterattacks

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