SPA supported by famous guitarists

At the end of the year, the SPA will organize a big sale of charity in Paris, to raise funds to continue its actions

And the animal protection association can count on the support of several guitarists, among the most famous and talented in the world.

This event will take place thanks to French guitarist Jean-Pierre Danel. Joined by Brian May, guitarist of Queen , and Hank Marvin, soloist of Shadows , the musician indeed had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis charitable operation.

art photo sold for the benefit of the SPA

An art photograph of one of his guitars, Miss Daisy, a very rare pre-production Fender Stratocaster , will be auctioned. This shot will be dedicated by Brian May and Hank Marvin, like two other Stratocaster guitars offered by Fender

The Miss Daisy guitar is considered one of the best electric guitars ever created. It is part of a series of demonstration instruments, of which only very few models remain in their original state. An instrument " worthy of the great international museums and which makes collectors dream of the world " underlines SPA

Jean-Pierre Danel, who poses here with his Sacha dog, is a great lover of nature, and fervent animal advocate . The guitarist is vegetarian since his early childhood. He was only five years old when he became so, overwhelmed by the sight of rabbits cut up in a butchery.