The SPA is in great shape

The SPA is in turmoil. Its president, Virginie Pocq Saint-Jean , received last December, a "provisional summary of conclusions" of 43 pages of the Court of Auditors . This court, whose first president is Philippe Séguin, yesterday presented its final report on "The Society for the Protection of Animals". A heated report, which does not fail to animate the controversy...

The Court of Auditors had already reported malfunctions several times. The SPA was committed to remedy it quickly. In vain, according to the report. Among the grievances, a bad organization , which would be the result of internal violent conflicts, within the board of directors.

From this internal dysfunction arises "a fragile financial balance" according to the Court, which is mainly focused on the legacy management , already in the hot seat in 2002. However, the SPA would have a financial reserve of 80 million euros . It would receive nearly 20 million euros of donations per year.

But then what does the association - whose godfather is Jean-Pierre Foucault - of this money? Bad construction projects according to the Court, which judges the animal housing conditions "bad or even unworthy."
A judicial administrator has been appointed to head the financial management.

The President remains open on this point, recognizing the benefit of this approach, "in a situation that did not seem up to the commitments of the SPA". The latter prefers to focus on animals. "There is no question of making animals pay for this.

Even though the SPA seems to be going through a bad patch, it must be remembered that its primary goal is to help animals . We have seen it lately, with the little Mambo pinscher, saved from death just after being burned. Véronique Pocq Saint-jean was and continues to be at the forefront of this business.

The former president of the SPA told AllCreatureAnimalClinic about this. React to his interview