The socialization of the kitten

The Critical Period of the socialization of cats is between the second and the fifth my week of life, and so before most kittens do not win the home of their future owners. It is therefore very important that kittens are manipulated by humans from the moment they open their eyes until they are adopted.

Kittens from a litter that has no never been in contact with the man will breathe and show a suspicious attitude towards him from their second or third weeks of life; On the other hand, kittens born from the same mother, but born and raised in a context allowing contact with humans, will not be so afraid.

It is therefore essential to handle the kittens every day in their first month of life , in order to develop and also improve their learning ability

Weaning period and social behavior

The weaning procedure is done differently depending on the age of the kitten. Kittens weaned at 12 weeks do not cry when separated from their mothers, even if they have been fed milk. Kittens weaned at six weeks cry for a day or two.

If they were weaned at two days and then bottle-fed, they can cry for a week. A kitten who has never had the opportunity to play with other cats, when he was small, will not be able to understand the

kittens have an ideal genetic inheritance to form the neurological connections necessary for the development of

social behavior