The dog's smile

The famous dog smile , typical of the Dalmatians, but also observed among the Colleys, the Dog of Canaan... and bastards, is an acquired behavior, and moreover at an advanced age. The smile consists in stretching the upper lip towards the back while uncovering the teeth, which creates a grin of the highest comedy that some mistakenly take for a threat mark: it is not the case, as evidenced by the attitude of all the rest of the body sending signals of submission and peace.

A smile is a sign of availability and friendship (the dog often smiles when his master returns home, or when he has committed some stupidity and this comical effect almost prevents him from punishing him!): it is considered that it is really an imitation of human behavior, resulting from the observation.

In practice , the dog has understood that when we are happy and well disposed to someone, we discover our teeth: it is therefore the same with us. This seems rather strange, because mimicry is extremely limited in dogs: the fact remains that the dog never "smiles" at another dog, only the man.

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