The cat's sense of smell

Although this sense occupies the third place after sight and hearing, sense of smell essential to the cat to enable communicate with his fellow creatures, to select odors and to distinguish the most complex chemical mixtures

Fine perception of smells

The cat's truffle is rich in particular glands (Bowman's glands) - much like our sweat glands - that activate and produce secretions only when needed. This is the explanation of the dry or wet nose - which does not depend on the state of health, but on the olfactory interest that the cat brings to its environment. If the cat is hungry or in a state of alert, the truffle moistens; On the other hand, the nose remains dry during digestion or rest because it does not need to work at full speed

A cat perceives odors 50 to 70 times better than us. This is due first of all to the activation of the Bowman glands which, by secreting a particular substance capable of dissolving the particles of any effluvium, allow the olfactory terminations a thorough evaluation, as well as 'to the vomeronasal organ, located inside the nasopalatine canal, which allows the cat to feel odorous stimuli imperceptible to man.

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