The smallest dog in Britain has defied all odds!

At just 7 weeks old, Tim is certainly the smallest puppy in Britain. And everyone is crying for him!

He is no bigger than a tin can, but from the "top" of his 7 weeks, Tim is a fighter. This Yorkshire, from a litter of 6 puppies, did not breathe when born . His mistress, Andrea Mcgowan, had to do his best to revive his little body his life. And she happily did, as we can see in this video:

But, too weak to suckle his mother, Tim was bottle-fed by Andrea every two hours. "It was horrible because it was exhausting and I was constantly afraid that he would be dehydrated if I forgot to feed him," said the latter, who also had the role of massaging his stomach to to help with one's needs Mother of the family, Andrea confessed that taking care of this puppy was more complicated than raising her own children because it was more difficult to find what he needed.

Thanks to his mistress, Tim escaped death

Yet this 40-year-old has come out with flying colors since Tim, now 7 weeks old, has gone out of business even though his survival was compromised. "We are surprised, in the good sense of the word, that he is still here," she said.

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Probably suffering from dwarfism , Tim takes every day a few grams and his appetite has indeed become that of an ogre! His personality is more and more assertive: slightly shy, he likes to climb objects that are up to him, including shoes, and sleep on the lap of his mistress. She takes him everywhere with her, including at work where he is very appreciated by customers. "Everyone loves him, wants to see him and adopt him! She said. But Tim will continue to grow with the one who has no doubt saved his life.

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