The shocking story of a mysterious shadow and a small dog

A resident of Louisiana (USA), hallucinated when she realized that a mysterious shadow was frequently introduced into the garage from his house to cuddle his dog. Thanks to Facebook, it took little time to discover the identity of the little trickster...

Facebook continues to work miracles. After watching the CCTV footage, the young woman decided to post an ad to know the identity of the boy who was entering her home:

"Dear neighbors, anyone knows who this child is? that he rides a bike, he sneaks into my home and plays or kisses my dog ​​and hurry to leave, as if he knew he does not have to be in these places! 'he can stay and play with my dog, she loves those moments.'

As soon as the boy takes his bike, he can not help but make a stop at the Mallet. He jumps from his horse, runs inside the garage, plays and cuddles the ball of hair and then runs away... a ritual that amuses the young woman a lot.

And her wish has been granted! Only 24 hours after posting her ad on the platform, a neighbor of Holly Breaux Mallet said that the mysterious boy was none other than his son Josh. The young mother explained that her child had always loved dogs , and that the latter could not help coming to coax the hairball , even to interfere in the neighbors' garden:

"Ok, so... Yes, it's Josh, I'm torn between my heart that melts in front of his love for dogs and nervousness that he finds himself in places where he should not be. "

The boy's strange ritual came after the death of his dog Bella, whom he had loved since he was two years old. Leaving a great void in the boy's life and heart, the boy surely sought to have a four-legged playmate again. The parents of the child did not want to have a new dog, but seeing their son do this to take care of this animal, they were upset... deciding then to review their decision and probably to adopt a new ball of hair for their child

For the moment, the little boy has been allowed to return to see his friend Duchess! This time, without concealment and without secretiveness, to the great pleasure of Josh: " He keeps talking about the neighbor's dog, he even has a big smile when he talks about her ," his mother said.

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