The shocking images of a dog crying the death of his brother

"Here is the proof that animals really have emotions and feel grief like us" writes Brett Bennett, the master of the dog Brutus who has moved hundreds of thousands of Internet users since this video was posted at the beginning of the week

When the Rottweiler woke up this sad morning, his brother and best friend Hank, with whom he had been adopted two years earlier, was no longer breathing. Brutus then snuggled against him, his eyes filled with tears, and refused to leave the lifeless body of the one he grew up with and aged.

"Brutus never whined or burst into tears during two years that I spent with him... But you can see in his eyes that he cries for his brother "writes Bennett Brett.

And to add that if to realize this video was very difficult , he felt the need to do it to " send a message to the world and show how (his) dog was unhappy and how much he loved his brother."

Crazy with his two inseparable and adorable dogs, Brett Bennett has created a Facebook page and a Youtube channel on which he publishes photos and videos of their adventures.

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