The Sheepdog and his Best Friend The Owl

A dog spending his days with his best friend the owl, here is a a story that is only expected to be found in children's books.

Yet, the friendship of Ingo the sheepdog and Poldi the little owl is not a fairy tale . It really exists, and is the subject of a series of beautiful shots , made by the German photographer Tanja Brandt
The improbable and yet so harmonious duo likes to walk in the countryside by all the weather, admire the landscape - Poldi has such a beautiful view from the back of his friend - and of course pose in front of the objective of Tanja
Passionate about the animal world, she photographs her dogs, without whom she claims not to be able to live , but also animals far more dangerous than Ingo and the adorable owl Poldi, raptors who far from being fierce, pose for her as true professionals.
Rendez on his site, Ingo und else (Ingo and others) to get acquainted with all its amazing and beautiful models.