The sex toy for dogs

A sex toy? Yes, you have heard! The brand Hot Doll, which is wants to be innovative and avant-garde, has just created a sex toy for dogs.Of many sizes, it will be equipped with a small tray (to be emptied after use preferably) to meet all the needs of our dear friends

If you have a sex-obsessed dog that rubs against your granny as soon as he gets the chance, this dog gadget may be useful, but if your dog does not go beyond reasonable risk of crossing it with this kind of thing.

"Well being and design" these are the two concepts that wants to gather in his gadget, Franck Socha, the creator.This sex toy is indeed a multifunction object: besides relieving the needs of the canids, it will also decorate your living room very well.The good taste above all!

The priority of Hot Doll: c to create a universe adapted to the needs of the dog. Ha yes, another product in the range, 100% natural cosmetics for dogs. You said adapted? Indispensable anyway...

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