The clip of Scooter, castrated matou and star of his district, for the sterilization of cats

In the American Midwest, a cat with the air of a star becomes the muse of ' a campaign for the sterilization of cats . And to educate the general public, the red cat named Scooter does not hesitate to wander with class video.

This movement for the sterilization of cats, called soberly Ten ("ten" in English, as the tenth life of cats, known to have nine), is sponsored by the Joanie Bernard Foundation, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this city alone, which faces a large population of abandoned cats, more than 3,000 felines were euthanized last year

For better control of the feline

" Every 20 minutes , a euthanasia shelter takes the life of a cat somewhere in our country," says Deborah Cribbs, president of the association. The latter acknowledges that the ultimate goal of Operation Ten is to reduce the overpopulation of stray cats so that there is no longer any reason to euthanize the animals in the shelters and guarantee a new life for all.

Scooter sterilized cat therefore helps to spread the good word of Ten in fun videos . He tells how, since being castrated, he has gained popularity in his neighborhood, even with dogs.

But Ten does not stop there. A website has also been launched, containing all the necessary information on the sterilization of cats: details on the reasons to sterilize his animal, on the way the operation takes place... But also and especially, on all the benefits that it can bring to a domestic cat, as well as for the cat population in general

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