The sacrifice of Diesel, hero dog of the Raid, moves the world

Yesterday morning, during the assault given by the forces of the orde in Saint-Denis, a police dog was shot by terrorists. Diesel, a Malinese female aged 7, was an exceptional dog. She was specially trained for such situations

A sacrifice hailed worldwide

As the Parisian reports, the dog sent to the apartment where the suicide bombers had locked themselves to gauge the danger knew his mission: to bite the enemy and not to let go. If Diesel did not have the time to do it, this sacrifice certainly saved the life of men of the Raid .

Since the announcement of the death of the police dog, many tributes him have been made, especially on social networks, where the hasthag #JeSuisChien has sparked debates. Some feel that this tribute to the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie goes too far.

The foreign media quickly relayed the information and animal lovers around the world praised the bravery of Diesel . Many dog ​​owners have also posted photos of their four-legged companions, often wearing a French flag, to thank the dog and salute heroism.

This photo has been shared thousands of times on social networks

One of the many photos published on the Facebook page Dead Diesel for France

Facebook groups, one of which, Diesel, died for France brings together nearly 30,000 people, and petitions for the bitch to be decorated and buried with the honors have been published, and since yesterday the tributes keep raining in many languages ​​on the web.

Who are these dogs Exceptional?

The 30 Million Friends Foundation has produced a report on RAID dogs scheduled for release on December 9th. Discover a training session to better understand who these dogs are, how they are trained and why they are so important. A perfect understanding must be born between the dog and his master because the animal must be able to react with calm and speed in extremely distressing and dangerous situations.

" Assault dogs and explosive search are essential in the missions of operators of RAID " underlines the National Police in its message confirming the death of Diesel

> A police dog killed during the assault on Saint-Denis