The Russian puppy Dobrynya officially adopted by France

The day after the death of Diesel, this bitch of the Raid shot during the Assault given in an apartment in Saint-Denis where terrorists had been entrenched, Russia announced its intention to offer a puppy to France to replace it. The proposal having been accepted, the Dobrynya puppy will fly soon to join his new country.

A puppy considered as a symbol

Yesterday, Monday, December 7, the young German Shepherd nine weeks was officially delivered to the French ambassador to Russia , Jean-Maurice Ripert, at a ceremony attended by Russian and French military.

" In Russia, Dogs serving the police are worshiped not only by the police, but also by ordinary citizens ", said the Russian Deputy Minister of the Interior, Igor Zubov, who handed the puppy France. And to add that this puppy represented for the Russians " a symbol of the unity of our peoples in the relentless fight against terrorism .

Dobrynya will have to stay one to three months in Russia, to finish his quarantine. But it is already " eagerly awaited in Paris and all arrangements are made for its reception " said the ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert.
During the weeks it remains to pass in Russia, the German Shepherd puppy will continue to perfect the orders he already knows and to practice searching and sniffing. Igor Zoubov is full of praise for this dog whose mother is hound and the father sniffing explosives. " This is one of the best puppies we breed, he is tall, robust, clean and very friendly " assured the Russian Deputy Minister of the Interior

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