The daily rhythm of the dog

Your dog, like you, needs a healthy and balanced life to be in good health . Since animals are very subject to rhythms, it is important to maintain them as much as possible. Thus, your companion needs rest and calm .

Do not leave him constantly in a sound environment, and make sure to place his basket in a place offering calm and nocturnal darkness. Do not keep it constantly awake or even agitated; he needs many hours of sleep

A well-regulated rhythm of life

Take him out at least three times a day for his natural needs and give him an extra boardwalk so that you can breathe, romp, have fun, etc. Remember that he is dependent on your goodwill in this area. It is also important to remember that moderate physical exercise is a source of good health.

In addition to a proper diet, use three small daily meals at a fixed time when he is a baby and his daily meal when he is an adult. Again, he is dependent on you, so do not wait patiently.

Make it happy!

Finally, it is clear that good health is based on good immunity, which depends on good morale . As in humans, stress, anxiety, degradation of joy, depression are all factors that impede immunity. But for our dog to be happy, certain conditions are indispensable.

Before adopting it, it is therefore our responsibility to ask ourselves if we will be able to offer him these conditions. And once adopted, it is still our responsibility to ensure that these conditions are met.

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