The reunion of a small Afghan dog and the soldier who saved him

While serving in Afghanistan, Tom Burright, a young 25-year-old Texan, befriended a young stray dog ​​

"I fell in love with her"

" She was so young, and defenseless. I had to take it with me. I fell in love with her, so I put her in my truck, "he says,

Tom baptized the adorable pup Lyla, the dog lived for weeks with him, and 15 other soldiers in their camp. " She lived in my room with me. She slept in my bed. And I brought him food. She ate everything that gave her, "says the young man.

When the time to leave Afghanistan came, Tom learned that bringing Lyla back with him to the United States would cost him 4,000 dollars (about 3,000 euros)

" I thought I could never bring it back " says the young man

But Tom has not lost hope. not leaving Lyla behind, he made a video asking for help, and sent it to The Puppy Rescue Mission , an association that aims to bring together soldiers and their canine companions

A tender and moving reunion

In just a few hours, the organization had raised the necessary amount. " It's such a source of inspiration to see these men take animals under their wing, love them, and refuse to let them die "says Michelle Smith, who works for the association.

Tom and Lyla had to wait several months before to be finally reunited. The little Greyhound was in the hand of his benefactor when he saved it!

But their complicity was intact when they found themselves , at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

This touching story echoes the beautiful friendship between Sergeant Jesse Knott and his cat Koshka, also in Afghanistan. The man and the animal have saved each other, and today are happy days in Portland, Oregon.