The restaurant that excluded the blind teenager apologizes

The restaurant of the Quimperois sushi who would have refused a teenager blind on the grounds that he was accompanied by his guide dog, presented - on Tuesday - an apology to the young man.

While Lucas, blind teenager of 16 years, went last weekend to the restaurant Ayako Sushi de Quimper in the company of his day-care assistant and his guide dog, he would have seen forbid access to the building. The reason ? His companion was a problem given "that the restaurant served fresh fish."

Despite divergent versions, following the complaint filed by Lucas's father to the public prosecutor and the outcry of this story on the Web, the restaurant - alleged to have been threatened - finally apologized to the teenager

A "misunderstanding"

"We apologize to the young man as well as persons accompanying him that night ", in fact communicated the establishment in a statement, reported by the AFP . " This is before all of a misunderstanding , because in no case the restaurant Ayako Sushi Quimper refused to receive Lucas and the people who accompanied him ", he even said adding to have proposed to the interested in letting the guide dog "1 meter from the table, and only for the sake of hygiene related to the fragility of products.

However, the restaurant does not deny its responsibility: "We made a mistake in asking this because we have since been informed that guide dogs of the visually impaired were the only exception to the prohibition of dogs in restaurants.

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