The rescue of a stray dog ​​trapped in a tar pound

In India, stray dogs are so numerous (it is estimated that they are over 30 million) they are part of the landscape and are often ignored and abandoned to their sad fate. But fortunately, animal lovers exist in the 4 corners of the world, and some dogs have the chance to fall on these people with a big heart.

It was the case of this poor dog, trapped in a pond of tar having leaked from a container. Unable to move, the animal would no doubt be dead today if a man had not discovered it and made every effort to rescue him. He contacted Animal Aid Unlimited , based in the city of Udaipur, and a team of volunteers came to help him.

Hours of patience to free the dog

It took them three hours to rid the dog of tar that covered his entire body, which had become solid and rock-heavy , giving him a massage with vegetable oil.

Under this thick black layer, was hiding a pretty dog ​​with a golden coat . It is unrecognizable that the animal was finally able to get up and stand up again on its four legs to enjoy the treats that its rescuers had brought to it.

The volunteers continued to massage and wash the dog during 5 days after salvage to remove the last of the tar.

If the animal has suffered stomach upset for several days because of the tar it had ingested no doubt trying to free himself, he is fine today. Castrated and vaccinated, he expects only one thing: find a loving family

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