The rescue of 4 abandoned puppies in front of a supermarket

Many owners of bitches were able to face the following situation, but fortunately for animals, few react in this way. An unknown person has indeed filed a box containing 4 newborn puppies in front of a supermarket entrance.

Found by staff members of Lidl of Canterbury, England, the 2 males and 2 females have visit the veterinarian before being taken care of by Dogs Trust .

"It's a real miracle"

Adam Levy, the manager of the association, tells the Dailymail : " C " is a miracle that they survived after being thrown into the cold ". On the other hand, his main concern is the development of puppies. Without their mother, they do not have the bearings and dog love they need. "They learn a lot from their moms, like how to behave with other dogs, we can not replace her, but we will put them with an adult dog in the near future ".

Anyway, during the next month, the puppies will be fed relentlessly by the expert hands ( and manicured) of Dogs Trust staff. They even found names inspired by musicals: Prince Charming, Cinderella, Snow White and Button

A Call for Responsibility

It's been 35 years that this association is fighting and wants to do pass the following message: "A dog is for life, not only for Christmas" .
"People still offer puppies as Christmas presents without considering the long-term consequences Dogs open up a world of happiness and pleasure, but we advise all those who are considering a new adoption to think about it and be sure to provide the animal with care, food, love and home for the rest of their lives. " says Clarissa Baldwin, president of Dogs Trust at Dailymail .