The real / false ideas about castration

"My dog ​​will get fat if I have him neutered! "

True , having your dog neutered lowers the energy requirements of his metabolism and makes him less active. So there is a risk of weight gain if you let things go. If you pay attention to its diet (ie if you slightly reduce the daily amounts or - better - you give it a specific food for neutered dog) and you keep it active, the weight gain will be negligible.

"A neutered dog lives statistically longer"

True , castrated dogs live statistically longer. Because, by definition, they are medicalized dogs, because they are calmer, and are less predisposed to diseases dependent on sex hormones, such as cancers.

"If I have my dog ​​too young, he will to stay small "

False , to have a dog castrate before the age of puberty will not prevent it from growing up. On the contrary, growth will be longer and more harmonious.
Dr. Laurence De Meester - de Courcy, Veterinarian

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