The reaction of this cat when the baby of his human starts to cry will touch you a lot!

Cats, egotistical tyrants? If this is your belief to this day, know without a shadow of a doubt that you are mistaken...

Here we know, the clichés on cats have their teeth hard. To listen to some, the little tomcats would be in search of domination of the world so that they would be unable to have real feelings vis-à-vis their humans. It's cold in the back, is not it?

Also, after showing you the way a cat had to say "I love you" and having you - more or less - proved that he was really looking for communicate with you, we found what should convince you (officially and forever) to stop denigrating their real good intentions.

A video posted on YouTube and become viral recently, shows indeed a cat visibly very affected by the crying of a baby...

So much so that, as you could see in the images above, the cat did not hesitate for one moment to jump to his rescue. Standing at the side of the child purring in his ear, he has no doubt offered him the sweetest comfort.

Ah cats... real tyrants, no?

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