Raw Feeding to Feed Your Dog

The Raw Feeding is a type of dog food set point by Dr. Tom Lonsdale , veterinarian .

In the wild, the dog is a carcassivore . Raw Feeding: " feed the wolf from the inside " Systematic in his reasonings, also full of humor, this veterinarian of Australian origin studied this that he calls the "ravages" of the industrial diet, too rich in cereals, on the whole body of the dog which is not "enzymatically equipped" to take advantage of it.

Raw Feeding: treat the dog, not the disease

Leave aside the many pathologies likely to appear in more or less long term to limit ourselves to relatively benign parameters that you can measure for yourself. If your dog has bad breath or if his hair and skin have an unpleasant smell, this is not normal! It may just be that his food does not suit him . Often, as soon as the teeth are descaled and the content of the modified bowl, the animals find an optimal functioning of their immune system.

An adequate diet has therapeutic virtues . " When owners consult with me for their dog, I try to provide them with answers to their pet's specific problem. But according to my motto "Treat the patient, not the disease", I always include a discussion about diet and dental hygiene. The affections are often benign and transient, food and dental care are areas of paramount importance and permanent , says the one who signs a rally to the holistic medicine.

Meat, offal and bone

Like BARF, Tom Lonsdale advocates a diet of raw meat, bone and offal, which provides an excellent balance of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. The goal is to restore as much prey as possible whole from various pieces of meat. Approximately 70% of meat (muscles), 10 to 15% of offal , 10 to 15% of bone (except the bones carrying herbivores)

The pieces must be as big as possible for the dog to shred his simulacrum ration of prey. Better: give whole carcasses, skin and intestines included. This diet is simpler in its composition than the BARF, because the only recommended supplements are the eggs and, from time to time, leftovers. It requires less preparation, provided you find "wholesale" meat suppliers.

Dog owners often start with the BARF before trying Raw Feeding , which is wilder in its presentation, a bit like a meal of wild animals on the grass of your garden or... on oilcloth on the ground!

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