The Rabbit Steeple Chase, a jumping obstacle course for rabbits!

You already knew the competitions equestrian jumping. You may also know agility for dogs. But did you know that rabbits are also entitled to their show jumping ?

In Prague, in the Czech Republic, an exceptional competition is held every year for more bouncy of pets
The event, called Rabbit Steeple Chase , has met with some success among the public, and is gathering more and more fans.

Si the Rabbit Steeple Chase of Prague is gaining popularity every year, but it is not the initiator of this surprising discipline, called kaninhop. Indeed, it was born in Sweden in the 1970s. And it became a real national sport!

All these adorable hairballs need is ' a good dose of agility and a good paw. Well trained, some rabbits can then make jumps of almost three meters long , and overcome obstacles ranging from 25 to 40 centimeters. A good way to make our long-earned friends work out!

> Discover also this video shot during the competition in Prague