The quirks of cats, finally explained

It's in a video recently published by the American channel Ted Ed that a veterinarian He wanted to lift the veil on all the strange things that our feline friends do...

Kings of the "parkour" frightened by cucumbers , hunters at any time, inveterate climbers, pros of the hide-and-seek and Real humming machines, cats are mysteries for us men. That's why Tony Buffington, an American veterinarian and professor of veterinary clinical sciences at the University of Ohio, has been trying to help us understand why such strange behavior of our salon tigers.

In the video made like a cartoon and posted on YouTube by the Ted Ed chain, he explains that everything is related to the history of the cat.

But what about purring then ? Thanks to their frequency varying between 25 and 150 Hz , they could heal [their] muscles and bones... but maybe yours too! ", put forward the specialist

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