The purr of this cat may well be the loudest in the world

At the age of 12, Bluey is a peaceful and very affectionate cat. calm life in a Cambridge hideaway in England. It's hard to imagine when you see this pretty and nice kitten that she's maybe the loudest cat in the world, when she purrs at least.

"We've never had a cat with a purr as loud as Bluey "says Claire Thomas from the Blue Cross Charity Refuge. "We figured it would be fun to know how much power he was getting, so we recorded it and it went up to 93 decibels, which is very impressive."

"Although it's surprisingly noisy it's an adorable cat and we would not bear that it stops him from finding a new home ". Unfortunately, several potential adopters have been put off by the noise it emits.

A purr 4 times stronger than that of other cats

Bluey was entrusted to the association when his mistress moved into a house of retirement. And the cat immediately knew how to be noticed!

Its purr is more than four times stronger than that of other cats . And "Bluey purrs all the time," says Claire Thomas. "It's enough that she sees someone and she purrs, she purrs when she plays, and she purrs when she's eating."

Shelter staff and volunteers believe that Bluey certainly has bad hearing. "But that does not stop her from enjoying life, it's a cat so happy and friendly, and she'll be an adorable companion."

Bluey could take the place in the book Smokey records. This cat is officially, and since March 2011, the cat with the loudest purr in the world, recorded at a distance of one meter, reaches nearly 68 decibels. Closer to the animal, the figure climbs to 92 decibels.