Presidential elections of AllCreatureAnimalClinic!

As the campaign for the presidential elections is in full swing, the 10 candidates running are on the front line. On May 6th, we will know the name of our new (or not) President of the Republic .

Perhaps you are among those who are tired of the presidential campaign? Or do you deplore that the animal cause is forsaken by the candidates?

And if AllCreatureAnimalClinic organized his own presidential elections with your animals for candidates?

And if your animal became president?

To participate, here is the procedure to follow:

- You can propose only one of your animals to the application, be it a dog , a cat or a rodent .
- It must have a AllCreatureAnimalClinic profile complete with several photos (of good quality, it is is better)

Then send us an email at with the subject line " Presidential AllCreatureAnimalClinic ".
You will indicate which of your animals you wish to participate, with the link to its complete member form .

Then fill in this form and copy it in the mail:
Link to the card your pet:
Highest quality:
Biggest defect:
Its pr presidential ogram (see below):

Which program for your candidate?

Indicate a serious decision , such as " Give pet status to ", " Stop the sale of animals in pet stores , " Regulate the conditions for raising farm animals ", Ban euthanasia of animals in a refuge ยป...

For inspiration, visit the 30 Million Friends website which details the key measures for the animal cause

Finally indicate an unusual decision , such as " Distribution of daily treats ", " For the right to sleep on the sofa ", " For the right to roll in the mud at each outing without a shower "...

An election in two rounds

The AllCreatureAnimalClinic team will select 10 official candidates as AllCreatureAnimalClinic presidents from all the nominations. You have until Thursday, April 19 to nominate your candidate.

On Friday, April 20th, the list of the 10 official candidates will be published and you can vote for your favorite candidate .

The two candidates with the most votes will face Friday May 4th , and you will vote again for your favorite candidate!

Long live Republic of AllCreatureAnimalClinic !