The premiere of the film Belle et Sébastien: AllCreatureAnimalClinic was

Sunday took place the premiere of the film Belle et Sébastien at the Gaumont-Opéra cinema in Paris. The SPA, including its President Natasha Harry, the director of the film Nicolas Vanier, as well as many journalists were present. AllCreatureAnimalClinic also attended the event.

The story of Belle et Sébastien

Belle et Sébastien was originally a television series, written and directed by Cécile Aubry, who rocked the childhood of many people. Adapted to the cinema by Nicolas Vanier, the film traces the story of a young boy named Sebastian, and Belle, a wild dog that a whole village in the Alps tries to kill . Belle and Sébastien will make friends, and will flee each other time and again
History of friendship and courage, the film is also a crossroads where lives intersect a touching old man, a woman seeking freedom, a German lieutenant or a resistant doctor. The story takes place in 1943, during the Second World War.

Belle et Sébastien, on the big screen from December 18, 2013

Many current themes are covered in this feature film: animal maltreatment , or the role of shepherd dogs in herds. So many messages conveyed by the director and adventurer Nicolas Vanier, and approved by the Society for the Protection of the Animals.

The Mountain of the Pyrenees, a sheepdog

Present during this preview of which the recipes will be donated to the SPA , Nicolas Vanier and Natasha Harry insisted on one point: Belle is not a dog made for everyone . She is a mountain of the Pyrenees, a breed made to live within a flock .
"After seeing this film, everyone will want to have a Belle, but Belle is a sheepdog, she does not could never live in an apartment "recalled Natasha Harry. The director also said it was not uncommon to see shepherd dogs born in stables, surrounded by a herd so that they were immersed in their first seconds of life in their "family": "The family of a sheepdog is the flock, not the humans "
The Pyrenees Mountain is therefore not a pet dog.

Responsible adoption

On the other hand, to those who wish to have a dog, Nicolas Vanier and Natasha Harry remind that adoption is the best way to find his future best 4-legged friend : in the refuges of the SPA , advisors are there to guide the masters towards dogs that fit their criteria and their way of life

> Belle and Sébastien, a film to see and see again for the whole family, in your rooms from 18 December 2013.
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By Elisa Gorins