The Pound Removes Her Car... With Her Dog Inside!

Lulu the dog almost ended up in the pound. Not at the animal pound... but at that of cars!

When Roger, an 87-year-old antiquarian, left the Monoprix of rue Poteau (18th arrondissement of Paris) where he had just bought dog food for his dog he did not return: his car, parked on a delivery site, was being removed by the crane operator of the pound ... with his dog inside!

This dog, c is Lulu, a little brown and black doggie, tells the Parisian . Trapped in the vehicle suspended from the crane, he was about to spend the rest of his day at the pound. "But it's my dog ​​you're taking away! Exclaimed Roger. But the police did not want to hear anything: she did have the right to take the dog if he was inside the car parked poorly.

Better not to leave his dog locked in his car!

Fortunately, Roger managed to negotiate the release of Lulu, for the sum of 150 euros fine "for restitution of vehicle" . Lulu, he seems to have experienced this event as a very commonplace event. Far from being traumatized, he simply celebrated his master when he was able to find him. It's a safe bet that Roger will no longer take the risk of parking his car, especially with his dog in it!

This is also an opportunity to remind that it is strongly not recommended to leave your car dog locked in your car , especially when it's hot. In addition to the risk of theft, your dog can mostly die in minutes if he finds himself locked in a car by a high temperature.

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