The police open a wooden crate and have the shock of their lives

dogs, rescue

So much injustice... When a cargo large wooden containers arrived at Cairnryan harbor in Scotland, police and security immediately had serious doubts

. As part of Operation Delphin, which fights against the illegal trade of puppies, they were able to open the wooden crates. And there, under their eyes, were not less than 27 puppies of several breeds different

absolutely terrified. As soon as possible, police officers released the dogs before handing them over to the local SPA.

"Unfortunately, the puppy trade is a big business in Scotland, with thousands of dogs brought into the country each year from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, especially from puppy farms, "an inspector said in a press release.

Soon a new start

Waiting to be offered adoption, the puppies are all under veterinary control to ensure that they are in good health. And despite the stress, all the puppies were delighted to be saved and to have a second chance. For its part, the local SPA wanted to explain that the best way to fight against these traffics was without no doubt never adopt in farms

and always prefer shelters where hundreds of adorable animals await their second chance in life.