The pictures of these dogs before and after their adoption will put you in the balm

Prepare to pour a small dolphin at the sight of these stuffed animals metamorphosed by love!

Despite the care and attention given to them by staff in the shelters, the animals that are gathered there often have trouble being happy. Traumatized by their past, by a sudden abandon, touched by a feeling of loneliness and lack of contact and affection, they languish in their cages , waiting for a little love or resolved to no longer never receive it. But when you finally adopt them, they take again the taste with the life and this happiness transforms them completely.


It is flagrant and moving and seeing this effect on the new dog of its head, a surfer could not help but publish on Twitter some photos breathing joy

to show the power of love and encourage other users to also adopt in shelters rather than buying animals in shop. "The pictures before and after her adoption made me cry," she writes in captions showing Charlie the Pitbull in his cage and enjoying his new life. Twitter

@meriah_j Quickly , these images made the buzz and other Twittos relayed this message by sharing in turn portraits of their animal before and after their adoption

and it must be admitted that seeing these happy boils is hot to the heart. ur and do not leave insensitive! Too much happiness! Twitter

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