The photo of a grateful Pitbull to his adoptive becomes viral!

Russ ended up in a shelter while he was seriously ill and injured. Luckily, her path crossed that of a young girl who decided to offer her a fresh start. Since Ross has been very grateful.

Kayla is a young volunteer who regularly visits a Philadelphia animal shelter to walk dogs . During her experience, she met dozens of doggies waiting for a master. But when she met Russ, things went differently.

Ross is a Pitbull. Locked in the shelter, he was in a poor state when Kayla's eyes fell on him: suffering from a kennel cough, he was very thin, had a bloody tail, an eye infection and itchy skin. Immediately, Kayla became fond of this poor dog. As a matter of course, she started walking around and spending time with him, but soon realized that she would not be able to leave him in that shelter anymore, so she adopted .

Every day, the dog shows its gratitude

Jamie Holt

Since Ross found his new home, he's alive again. Neat and loved, he weaves over the days an undeniable link with his new mistress. He never ceases to express his gratitude by sticking against her, as if to thank her for saving him. A photo taken from him, snuggled against his adopter on a couch, has even become viral. What is more touching?

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