The Pet Loo: a canisette at home

After the dog Sanidome and the Pootrap (the diaper for dogs), we continues in the field of inventions to facilitate the daily with your dog in the matter of picking up poop.

The Pet Loo, or literally " the toilet for dogs ", is a tray covered with a synthetic grass layer. This turf, which reminds the dog of his favorite park corner, is in fact a 100% waterproof urine filtration system that directs the liquid into a container. You will only have to empty the container in the toilet!

On the other hand, for the excrement, it will be necessary to use the good old method of the plastic bag, for 200 $ one is entitled to demand something from more complete

For cleaning and maintenance of the carpet and the tray, water is sufficient. You will see in this demo video how to use The Pet Loo.