The oldest dog in the world is 120 years old

This is the equivalent in "human years" that reached this female dachshund from Port Jefferson in the USA

Referenced in the Guinness Book, Chanel is actually 21 years old, she wears glasses because of her cataract and can not walk very long

Regardless, his owners celebrated the event with great fanfare with his dog friends. Chanel was entitled to his share of cake to celebrate his birthday and the presentation of his plaque by the representatives of the Guinness Book.

The secret of his longevity according to his masters? "We love it, and it's a full-time job. She is our best friend.

The previous record was held by a 28-year-old dog, who died in 2003. Courage Chanel, still a few years to blow up the record!

Note that while most people think a "doggy year" is equivalent to 7 "human years", it is not quite accurate. In reality, the first year of a dog is worth 15 of our years, the second is worth 10, and all the following are worth 5.
At 2 years old, a dog is already 25 years old...