The dog obsessed with sex

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What annoys and annoys the most the owner of a male dog is to see him climb the other animals, the cushions or the legs of the guests.

The assembly of people or inanimate objects is the symptom of a pathology known as hypersexuality, which can also be manifest through aggression, excitability, marking its territory, wandering or destroying objects. According to a survey conducted in Great Britain on 391 subjects, 65% of dogs over one year old have at least one of these symptoms; the percentage drops to 52% for those under the age of 1.

It is important to distinguish between true protrusion, with erection and ejaculation (which may involve dogs, objects or persons with 'other sex') and the social projection, without erection, which concerns dogs or persons of the other sex or not. Some games that males do when growing up provide for reciprocal riding; in this way, they learn the social behavior they will use as adults to interact with each other.

It is not a pathological attitude, but a stage of growth influenced by a hormone (testosterone) . Do not intervene by reprimanding them, because, in general, the problem solves itself as they grow up. The adult dog rides the objects (cushions, blankets, stuffed animals), or the legs of the guests to release the accumulated tension (for example, when a stranger arrives, when he does not know if he will welcome him friendly or aggressive): it is a "dispersed" activity.

By adopting this attitude, he can also try to attract attention. This situation can hide other problems that need to be taken into consideration, sometimes even with the help of a specialist. The dog repeats this behavior because he is encouraged by his master who pays attention to him, at first because he finds the game fun, then to reprimand him (remember that the dog who seeks the attention of his master achieves his goal of being rewarded with caresses or punished); in these cases, the best thing to do is to ignore it, and it is by acting in this way that the problem resolves itself.

The adult dog, with a marked tendency to dominance, can use the projection as a means to increase one's authority over one's master. Only the pack leader rides in public in front of other dogs; if your faithful friend does, it is better to consult a behaviorist.

What attitude to take?

& bull; Hide the cushions or stuffed animals on which he releases his sexual urges.

& bull; When the dog climbs the guests' legs, invite them to ignore him (do not look, greet or talk to him). If this is not enough, it must be removed when the arrival of strangers or people who have been the object of his sexual attentions; if it is impossible to remove it, keep it on a leash and distract him.

& Bull; Occupy your dog with an activity that replaces the protrusion, so that he can discharge his nervous tension. If you punish him and he continues, it will not help: the punishment may become a reinforcement and encourage him to start again to get your attention.

& bull; Intervene just as he begins to mount an object or person and divert his attention by throwing an order ("Sitting!" Is fine) or making a loud noise. Then take it to the garden and play it, or take a walk.


Castration of the male dog (if it is a female, sterilization can be used complete so that the heat disappears) can be useful to eliminate the behavioral problems related to sexuality.

According to the research of the doctor B. Hart, 60% of the dogs, all ages, which mount animals, people or objects, are better after being castrated, and this percentage increases in the case of young subjects.

Not all behavioral researchers are convinced of the effectiveness of castration; moreover, not all teachers are willing to sterilize their male. It is therefore useful to consult the veterinarian who can assess whether the surgery is necessary (he is also able to provide you with information).

Castration improves the situation in many behavioral pathologies: males, escape for sexual reasons, and riding objects and people. Basically, it is not a disability that affects the life of the dog, which usually becomes softer and more affectionate while maintaining its usual behavior (stand guard, hunt, etc.), as evidenced by dogs truffles that are sterilized to improve their performances: not being attracted by females, they concentrate more on the search for tubers.

The only contra-indication to this type of intervention is the tendency of the animal to grow; but, with a suitable diet, this problem can be solved without difficulty.