Paul Sneijder's New Life: When the dog flies to the aid of the Man

Traumatized in the aftermath of an extremely rare accident of which he was the only one As a survivor, Paul Sneijder puts his entire life in question. By becoming a "dog walker" in Canada, he finally found inner peace...

This Wednesday, June 8, do not miss the release of The New Life of Paul Sneijder in all cinemas in France. Directed by Thomas Vincent, who has chosen to adapt Jean-Paul Dubois' novel to the big screen, this feature film traces the path of Paul Sneijder, a raw and traumatized man after a terrible experience that has led to open his eyes to the reality of his "senior executive" life in Montreal

Camped by a masterful Thierry Lhermitte playing the role of a bruised man - almost frozen - and in search of meaning, Paul Sneijder warms up little by little throughout the film. How? Well, thanks to dogs that are, as we know, real "drugs" for heart (and body!) Wounded. A film full of emotions that rightly opposes the cynical and formatted society that we know the need for freedom of a man who wants to rebuild.