Justin's new life, a burnt kitten, and miraculously

Justin is the name of a miraculous kitten , who after being a victim of human cruelty, discovered that there were also good men.
Burned over a large part of his body, the animal was found last April by a man at large heart, Damaris Sanabria, who saved his life, and offered him a new chance to lead a wonderful cat existence.

Severely burned, but saved

Justin had only 5 weeks when he was found on a street in Philadelphia. Three quarters of his little body was burned in the second and third degrees

What happened to him? No one knows, except the one who inflicted this torture.

Entrusted to the Animal Alliance , he spent several days in a veterinary clinic. The brave kitten has undergone many surgeries, and over the weeks, has taken back the beast.

" A kitten full of life and love "

Then last month, it is in full health that he has finally been able to rejoin his new home, where he has been flowing since happy days. Attests his Facebook page , followed by more than 15,000 people , touched by the story of this innocent ball of hair.

Justin lost much of his ears and his coat has been ravaged by fire... But his hair has grown back, and his mistress, Kelley, says he hears very well, especially when it's time to eat!

" One kitten full of life and love "that's how little Justin is described by his human.