The Navy finds a lost dog 5 weeks earlier after a fishing party

It is more than 120 kilometers off San Diego (California ) that Luna was recently rescued by US Marines. The bitch had gone overboard her owner's boat five weeks ago...

It's a miracle. While everyone, including authorities, thought she was dead: Luna reappeared. Where ? Alone, on the island of San Clemente (California). Barely a year old, the crossed dog German Shepherd was found by US Marines after five weeks alone, reported the ABC channel. And for good reason, it had offered a dip from the fishing boat of his master, Nick Hayworth.

Alerted, the base of Coronado (military base of the American Navy, editorial ) had searched for the dog for days and days, in vain. Until the day the seamen finally found her "sitting by the side of the road and wagging her tail."

A good swimmer

"She was thin but unharmed" , on Facebook the employees of the naval base who found her. According to them, it is besides the mice that she would have eaten that the adorable ball of hair which swam three kilometers before being able to find the land owes its "five weeks of survival on a difficult ground.

"He told us that Luna was a very good swimmer and that he was 90% sure that she would go to dry land" , said the spokesman for the base , Sandy DeMunnik, speaking about the master of the bitch who has since recovered his best friend

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