The mysterious life of cats captured in black and white

Cats... these mysterious and graceful beings have not finished making us travel in their particular universe. And what better than to take inspiration from black and white photos to be imbued with all this enigmatic side?

Independent and mysterious, the cat does not stop making us dream. Become the hero of several legends, this ancestral animal has always known how to keep its grace as well as its malicious side. Through these black and white photos, we rediscover his world in a new angle... full of oddities and mysteries, all in his image.

Discover these beautiful tomcats, which again, will not miss you

© Subway-M

© Denis Lamblin

© Laia

© h0i-im-rei

© Alex Onions

© Francois Casanova

© J. Ota

© Ruggiero Scardigno

© Joao Domingues

© Massimo Della Latta

© Monika Malek

© Alicia Rius

© Zoran Milutinovic

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