The moving love story of Joanie the Pitbull and Chachie the Chihuahua

What a touching story that of Joanie and Chachie, two stray dogs who have upset the employees of the animal control service of Savannah, Georgia, USA

He tries to look after his friend

When they were discovered, it was a week ago, Joanie the crusader Pitbull held Chachie the crusader Chihuahua in his mouth. He carried it from one place to another. A resident of Savannah alerted the animal control service to the presence of this wandering duo near her home.

The small dog was badly injured in the eye and his devoted friend stopped regularly for put it on the floor and lick its wound. Both dogs were taken to a shelter, where Chachie was operated on urgently. Unfortunately, her eye could not be saved, but her life was saved.

When the Chihuahua and the Pitbull were reunited, the reunion was full of emotions, licking and cuddling. And they put it back every day. Because during his convalescence, Chachie is separated from his companion.

Sister souls

"It is not every day that we can see such a devotion between two dogs so special that these two" s moves Christina Sutherin, one of the shelter's employees who takes care of Chachie and Joanie, named after the couple who are getting married in the final episode of the Happy Days series.

"They are both animals so sweet, but the relationship they have is putting them away, "she explains to the Huffington Post. Neither seems to be interested in other dogs in the shelter. Inseparable, "they really seem to be soul mates."

No one came to the shelter to claim the dogs. A call for adoption was then launched and of course, the two best friends will have to be adopted together.